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                萬豪國際集團是在全球具領導〗地位的酒店管◤理企業。悠久◣的歷史,源自1927年,由J. Willard和Alice S. Marriott於華盛頓創立的一間啤酒←小店開始。現在,萬豪國際於●美國,以至全球66個國家及地但绝对没有那么快區,已♀經擁有超過◥3,200家酒店。



                Marriott Asia Pacific Regional Office

                Destination Marriott. Find Your World.

                Marriott Careers in Asia Pacific

                Where do you want to go? From Beijing to Bangalore, Brisbane to Bangkok, and everywhere in between, Marriott offers you the opportunity to find the hospitality leadership role and career journey that is right for you.

                With nearing 130 hotels and 7 brands represented in Asia Pacific, combined with our abundant pipeline, you will find us in the place you want to be.

                Our commitment to workforce diversity is just as strong as our dedication to you. Marriott's associates hail from dozens of nations, speak more than 50 languages and work under the Marriott banner in 69 countries and territories around the world.

                As a career professional, Marriott offers opportunities as unique as you. If you want to be challenged, supported and applauded, this is your destination.

                Join us....We're Marriott. www.marriott.com.cn/chinacareers

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