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                賓客服務經理 Guest Service Manager

                • 國際五當年第一次見星級酒店  |
                • 500人以上  |
                • 2021-03-04

                  三年以上工作經驗  大專學歷   招1人  性別:不限
                  英語 精通   年齡:不限


                1.       Review arrival information on a daily basis; VIP,  Regular guests, Groups, special requests etc.

                2.       Maintain good working relations with all departments

                3.       Familiar with Front Office Standards and Procedures

                4.       Assist in handling claimed reservations and turn-away according to Meridien’s policies and procedures

                5.       Report to management on deficiencies and irregularities noted in the operation

                1.       每班檢◣查當日抵店客人信息,包括貴賓、優先顧客、常規客人、團隊的情況以及特別要求。

                2.       與所有部門保持良好的工作關系非晨大

                3.       熟悉前廳部工作標準及程序

                4.       按照艾美的政策和√程序處理無法發現預訂記錄和飯店客滿時婉拒客人入住的★情況

                5.       向管理層匯報飯店運行過程中的不足和不合理行為


                電 話:021- 33189999 - 8102
                傳 真:021- 63602671
                聯 系 人:人力對了資源部
                地 址:上海市黃浦區南京東路789號地下一層



                現酒店誠邀廣大積極熱誠的行業精英及所有立誌於酒店業的同仁們加入我們的團隊@ ,共同打造我們自己的未來。與我們的客戶一樣,我們的員工同樣富有涅完全變了創造精神和文化素養,幫助我們提供美妙的而后哈哈大笑賓客體驗。我們致力通過世界一流的培訓、職業發展機會和非凡的福利待遇促進員工的專業成長。上海世茂皇家艾美酒店竭誠歡迎您的加入!

                Welcome to join Le Royal Méridien Shanghai! Located in 789 Nanjing Road East, the five-star deluxe hotel is in the centre of Shanghai. As the tallest landmark building in Shanghai Puxi, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai is stylish and sophisticated with an ultra modern design, from which guests can get a bird’s-eye view of the mighty Huangpu River, People’s Square, or the Shanghai skyline. It has the best facilities in this city: 761 luxurious guest rooms and suites, 6 exciting restaurants and bars, 2,000 square meters of meeting space, two naturally lit Grand Ballrooms and numerous breakout rooms.

                Now we sincerely invite enthusiastic elites and friends of hotel industry to join a Le Méridien journey of chic, cultured and discovery and create a bright future. Much like our clientele, our associates are creative and cultured, helping us to deliver alluring guest experiences all over the world. We dedicate ourselves to cultivating their professional growth by providing world-class training, career development and exceptional benefits. Welcome to join Le Royal Méridien Shanghai and work with us!    

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